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Digital onboarding is now a ‘must-have’ for all banks competing in the business banking market.


Simple Yet Powerful

„In 2018, 14% of our new clients opened an account with our bank online, only a year later, thanks to the option of opening an account simply and smoothly using their mobile phone, that number had increased to 44%. The old saying, "the more branches, the more clients" doesn’t apply when it comes to Air Bank.“ – Jana Karasová, Air Bank Spokesperson.

A Vision for The Future

Digital onboarding can play a very important role in the future of banking, helping banks to not only quickly acquire new clients and reduce costs, but also to introduce exciting innovations.


The BSC Digital Onboarding

Turn-key solution is a flexible modular system that completely covers the paperless process of identifying and verifying new customers for financial institutions.


Digital Bank OS platform or stand-alone solution

Easily integrated to your current systems using REST API. It runs on-premise and thus ensuring you full control over the data, but with support of cloud infrastructure deployment.


Petr Koutný

CEO - Banking Software Company

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"Mastering the client onboarding process is the key thing. The process starts at first contact and this first impression can influence a customer’s experience with the bank or financial institution for a long time."

Čeněk Navrátil

Sales Director - Banking Software Company

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"What the client will not forgive, however, are banks that have fallen asleep and stopped trying. They could perhaps defend the lack of ATMs or branches decorated with chipboard furniture, but there is no defence for outdated digital banking techniques or communication channels."

How would your customers describe the process of opening a bank account?

It can be won – or lost – during this first, essential experience.


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